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Subject Re: [VOTE] New Committer Dan Sandberg
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 22:27:49 GMT
On Fri, 24 May 2002, Pier Fumagalli wrote:

> Just one question on this. Being a committer implies that you're going to
> have the right (and the due, of course, like in any good democracy) to (for
> example) elect PMC members, have -also- a some sort of responsibility over
> what you do, and what others do, meaning code reviews, deciding on the
> future of the whole tomcat project, voting on future release plans and
> such... As I said, this is not only a right, but also a responsibility. As a
> committer you _should_ be doing that.
> Now, my question is, do you want _at_this_point_ to have that
> responsibility? Are you interested? I don't want to sound bad, but hey
> everything comes at a price :) :) :)

Most tomcat commiters review only a small ammount of the commits, that
is relevant to what they know.  Voting ( or beeing voted ) in PMC is

If you want to know the real price of becoming a commiter - it's 
loosing all control over the code you write, having to play flame wars
 and grow a thick skin. And you may spend many weekends doing work
that is just thrown away.

Pier is right in this aspect - and I fully agree with him that 
beeing a jakarta commiter comes at a much bigger price than you 
may think.  

If you want my advice - create a sourceforge account, do all the work
on SSI there, and have fun. ( and maybe give access to other 
tomcat commiters who are interested to work on SSI ). 


> (I just want to show how committing to a particular codebase, sometimes,
> might be different from "the whole kit'n'kaboodle that being a committer
> involves")...
> > D.Scope.  Must a commiter have scope to the entire project?  Can't the
> > access file be changed only in the o.a.c.ssi directory and the servlet
> > directory?  Would this address any concerns?
> Technically it would be "feasible" to implement that feature, but
> administrivia would become utterly complex.
> Thank you _very_much_ for taking part to all of this :) :) :)
>     Pier
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