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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Committer access and responsibilities...
Date Sat, 25 May 2002 01:11:55 GMT


Another example if I could. The job role of 'Java admin' is growing more
and more at companies. Developers shouldn't be adminning things, but would
you have your unix or oracle admin be the admin of the Java side with zero
Java knowledge?

Jakarta houses the 'Java' community at Apache but there's no way for a
Java admin to be a part of that community. Helping other admins, writing
documentation, being a consumer at the coders. The only way it can happen
is if they become a coder, and that's contrary to the concept of a Java

I think Pier's suggestion will help to grow the 'ownership' of the
projects and the apache way of thinking to a larger audience.

Some possible negatives:

With more non-codery people around, will the 'noise' level in mail lists
be too high for coders to want to pay attention?
[It already is getting that way I find. I delete entire threads if the
first couple of mails are not of interest to me. It has to be retitled as
with this email to make me realise there was more going on than the
original mails. ]

By growing a large community of non-coders, the coders could have less say
in the product. Is this good/bad? How would the +1/-1 system work. Would
votes be open to committers only in some instances, and to non-committing
members only in others. Who votes membership vs committership vs

None of them that hard to answer I imagine.


On Sat, 25 May 2002, Pier Fumagalli wrote:

> Chatted with a lot of people, seen many, different development models, went
> around, asked, talked, and I believe I have a pretty decent picture, and
> maybe even a solution...
> So, given this little background, I would like to ask to the PMC, and all
> other committers, if others agree that we should "splitting" the "committer"
> figure in two parts:
> - contributor: a contributor is someone who has access to a particular CVS
> tree, but for any reason doesn't want/need to be involved with the whole
> Jakarta community. He just wants to code his little bit and live a long
> life.
> - member: is someone who is involved with the Jakarta community, somehow,
> somewhere (might be just giving a great deal in supporting users of our
> projects, or providing extra value to projects, like guidance in respect to
> overall specifications, binary builds). He is effectively a member of the
> community and has all the rights and dues of every member, such as
> participate in the election of the PMC.
> And redefining the figure of the "committer" as follows:
> - committer: is a contributor, but also a member, therefore he has all the
> privileges and dues of a contributor (having CVS access, and overlooking the
> code he's contributing to) and of a member (can vote for PMCs, should
> participate and contribute to discussions on the overall structure of
> Jakarta).

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