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From <>
Subject PROPOSAL: mod_jk2: new lb values
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 18:15:11 GMT
Based on the previous discussion:

- change lbfactor from float to int ( maybe rename it to avoid confusion)

- The value will be from 1 to MAX ( 100 ? ).

- Smaller values will mean more work. The value '0' ( or a special 
flag ? ) will mean the worker will be used allways ( as long as it is not 
in_error state ). We can make sure the '0' is the first in the list, 
and avoid looking for others.

-  A factor 2 will take 2 times fewer requests than factor 1, 3 will be 
1/3, etc. ( each worker uses a counter, and the counter is incremented on 
each request with the factor value - that's how it works today to 
implement the round roubin ).

-  When a worker reaches MAX, all workers will be reset to their
original values and error state reset. ( that means we'll reset the
error state based on number of requests, not time ) ( is this a good idea ?) 

- A value of MAX ( Or flag ? ) will mean the worker will take no 
request, except those with a previous session id. That's the gracefull

In addition, I'm in process of moving the lb properties to channel, 
since that's what the user should configure in jk2. 


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