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From "Luca Ventura" <>
Subject Help: URL's redirection (maybe a little off-topic).
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 11:23:57 GMT
Hello everybody!

I excuse with all people of the forum is the question I am posting is a
little off-topic because it concerns also Internet Information Services
(IIS) Web Server, but
I didn't find any forum or source data where to retrieve the following
information that I need absolutely:-(

I have the following problem: I would like to redirect all the data sent to
url A to url B.  For example I would like that when my Web Server detects a
request directed to url: http://mydomain/servletA (or
https://mydomain/servletA using https protocol)redirects it to url
http://mydomain/servletB (or https://mydomain/servletB) . In this case I am
redirecting a request from servlet A to servlet B.

I would like to know IF and HOW I can do it in the following Web Servers:

1)Internet Information Services (IIS)
2)Apache Tomcat

I need urgently to know the first point because now I have IIS installed
on my Win 2000 machine to run my ASP pages...and only in a second time I
think to convert my ASP pages in JSP pages passing to Apache Tomcat Web
Server. I know I can use
Apache Tomcat like a plug-in of IIS to run JSP pages and servlets but I
would like to obtain the best performance possible from my Web applications:
so I would like to use only one Web Server and not to mix ASP and JSP

I hope someone HELP me....

Thanks everybody in advance!


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