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From "Ghorpade, Rajendra" <>
Subject RE: Conncurency issue with tomcat???
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 07:59:22 GMT
Hi Remy,

>>> 1. Sometimes we see that the same session is started in two threads
>>> concurrently.
>That, I can imagine it could happen.
>I don't think it would, but at least I can imagine there could be a bug
>somewhere with the manager which would cause this.
May be!But this happens only when there is enough load on the server.If I
run the same
test whiout processing anything on the server then it works fine.

>>> 2. Sometimes one of the request for the user is processed  two
>>> times.
>I don't think this can happen. (single request, being parsed once, and
>processed twice)
Ya I do happen..But do'nt know the real cause.I can even reproduce

>You can test with Coyote 1.0b8 to see what happens. If it works fine with
>that, then it is a problem with the HTTP connector. If it still doesn't
>(especially the second point, which would be a problem with the connector),
>then it's a bug with the client.
I never heard Coyote before I would explore this..Thanx.
Next is this step on my agenda.What about using a different JVM
implementation(currently I am using one from the sun)

>You should also use some other HTTP clients to see what happens (commons
>HTTPClient, or the HTTP client Peter Lin mentioned).
Ya I would try this today!!


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