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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Vicious Abuse?
Date Sat, 25 May 2002 14:51:54 GMT
"Jeff Turner" <> wrote:

> .. and thankful that people like Costin persevere in spite of rather
> vicious abuse.

Vicious abuse? All I am proposing is to add greater flexibility to the
freedom of those who are involved with the Jakarta project.

All I'm proposing is to accept the idea that we might have coders who don't
care about new projects or PMCs, they just want their code done, or that we
might have important resources out there who might want to get involved with
this project but cannot be tied to one particular code base?

Is it a vicious abuse to ask Sally to become an ASF member ALTHOUGH she
doesn┬╣t know how to code in C or Java, or Perl, and doesn't even know what
CVS is all about?

Is it a vicious abuse to ask to free this community from a concept like
"meritocracy as the number of lines of code you put into CVS"?

I don't think so, because if this community believes that "freedom" is a
vicious abuse, this community is racist, racist towards those who can't or
don't want to have to deal with CVS, no more and no less as one could be
racist on the color of your skin, or the ideas that populate your mind...

    Pier (really, really worried)

[Perl] combines all the worst aspects of C and Lisp:  a billion of different
sublanguages in  one monolithic executable.  It combines the power of C with
the readability of PostScript. [Jamie Zawinski - DNA Lounge - San Francisco]

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