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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] New Committer Dan Sandberg
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 16:25:18 GMT
"jean-frederic clere" <> wrote:
> Remy Maucherat wrote:
>>> In the middle it's good, extremes (I believe) not... And since this is the
>>> second time in less than a week (Denis posted 14 times, the first time on
>>> 4/27 if I'm not wrong and Dan 7 times, the first time on 5/1), and it's
>>> starting to be a little bit "extreme" and it doesn't make me feel very
>>> comfortable...
>> You have to consider the importance and quality of the patch. In Denis'
>> case, that's why I nominated him.
>> I have yet to see trouble caused by a guy who was granted commit access, and
>> the idea is to encourage people to contribute more.
> Probably the status of Developer as described in the
> is not used correctly.
> For me, if someone that brings one good patch reaches the developer rank, not
> yet the committer rank (Or are the committers too lazy to commit contributions
> from the developers?).

>From the same document you mentioned... "Committers: Developers who give
frequent and valuable contributions to a subproject of the Project can have
their status promoted to that of a "Committer" for that subproject."

Ok, we all agree that Denis gave a valuable contribution, but as far as I
can see, can we say that this is "frequent"? I honestly can't... And again,
I have _nothing_ against Dan or Dennis, actually, I would like to thank them
for their patches...


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