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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] New Committer Dan Sandberg
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 15:47:08 GMT
"GOMEZ Henri" <> wrote:

> Even if I vote +1 for both tomcat recent commiters,
> Benoit and Dan, I could understand Pier objections.
> Benoit and Dan are new to tomcat-dev (less than 1 month)
> and mail-archive reports 32 refs to Benoit and 17 to Dan.
> org&restrict=&exclude=&words=Denis+Benoit
> org&restrict=&exclude=&words=Dan+Sandberg

That is why I'm so uncomfortable... Sorry, I don't know them, and if you ask
me "would you give him commit access" (as you do with a vote), I can just
reply "well, who are they?"

This happened several times for the people down at Sun last year, and had no
problem with that, I mean, I had to see Patrick, Amy, Remy and all the
others ugly faces every day (or better, when I was awake enough to drag my
bum in the office, maybe twice a week...)

> But they were on tomcat-user for at least 1 year.

Well, that's one thing I didn't know...

> There is many factors which determine if someone
> could became commiter, proposition, code, patches
> participation in thread, user-support and duration.

Agreed wholeheartedly. From what I can see (for example) Dan has submitted
one patch, and all BillB said was "I'd like to propose Dan Sandberg (x at as a new Tomcat committer.  He has already put in a great
deal of work in re-factoring the SSIServlet in Tomcat 4.x, and seems to be
willing to further contribute to working on this."

That's all I know... Someone throw me a bone down here...

> BTW, I think that a mandatory factor is duration,
> people should be granted to commiter level after
> a certain time of presence and activity in
> developper list.

It's not a "requirement" for me, but surely it would ease up things when
coming up and deciding whether to give someone committer access... At least
I would know who I'm talking about.

That's also why I keep pushing everyone (Remy and JF were slapped a couple
of times), not to send me mail privately about Tomcat, but always to the
list, it raises awareness, everyone will know where everyone stands...

> And that's why I understand Pier objections....

At least for once :)

> PS: Please don't turn that thread in flam-war.

Absolutely, far from me to do that.


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