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From Andrew Houghton <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Tomcat 4 System.err/System.out logging
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 19:12:05 GMT
Wouldn't this introduce a dependency on Tomcat JARs for Jasper 2?  I can 
think of at least one project off hand that uses Jasper standalone; it 
seems a shame to change this, since Jasper 2 is currently engine-agnostic.

- a.

Glenn Nielsen wrote:
> I have taken the org.apache.jasper.util.SystemLogHandler Remy wrote
> and put it in org.apache.tomcat.util.log.SystemLogHandler.
> I refactored it so that the PrintStreams and Byte arrays are recycle.
> Plus implemented a stack so that there can be nested usage.
> Finally, I implemented it in Tomcat 4 so that any System.out or System.err
> output generated when handling a request is sent to the appropriate
> web application context log.
> Remy, you may want to switch jasper2 over to using this, then remove
> org.apache.jasper.util.SystemLogHandler.
> Glenn
> Remy Maucherat wrote:
>>>Remy Maucherat wrote:
>>>How is Ant implemented within Tomcat for doing JSP compiles?
>>>I am concerned about Ant running within the same JVM and having to capture
>>>the JVM's System.out and System.err.  Other output from catalina could get
>>>intermixed with the Ant output.  Also I saw something about synchronizing
>>>of compiles being required.
>>If the compiler is run within the same thread as the request, then the
>>filtering can be done.
>>I presume all out of process compilers would suffer from that problem.
>>However, I'd like to point out that there's no other choice but to upgrade.
>>In many situations, the current Jasper 2 generated servlets don't compile to
>>valid bytecode when using the classic compiler (and you get a VerifyError
>>when loading the class; this happens esp when using JSTL). The J2SE team
>>hasn't touched the old compiler code for more than 2 years, and refuse to
>>fix bugs :-(
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Andrew Houghton

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