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From Punky Tse <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-connectors/webapp
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 03:40:11 GMT

> All those new things in "configure" have been tested only on MacOS/X, if
> someone gets around to do it before tomorrow evening, I'd like to know if I
> screwed up something on the other systems (J.F., Henri, Punky... Can you
> just run "./configure" with the new options? Make sure you have ANT :)
>     Pier
Yeh, I will try.   These days, I has been monitoring the cvs commit on 
webapp.  It seems that there are so many changes.  For example, the 
adding of invoking ant from make, removal of dist target and blah blah 
blah.  And I may need some time to make it build in freebsd because I 
want my build system work in my linux box before moving to freebsd.

 > We're getting closer and closer to a more-and-more decent autoconf-style
 > make... :) And closer to a release! :)
good.  Actually I'm still learning autoconf.

 > Time for a nap, tomorrow I won't be reachable until late afternoon 
 > a couple of new E4500 just arrived at the colo! :) Woohoo, TOYS!!! )
cool.  What about your Mac now?


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