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From Bernd Koecke>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-connectors/jk/native2/common jk_worker_lb.c
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 06:22:48 GMT wrote:
> On Mon, 13 May 2002, Bernd Koecke wrote:
>>Sorry, I must say it again, for my environment it is an error, if a _switched
>>off_ tomcat got a request without a sessionid or with a session from another 
>>node. Its not necessary that this tomact-apache tandem is
> In the current code ( in jk2 ), if a worker is in 'disabled' state it'll 
> only get requests with sessionid, as you need.
> If it is not disabled, but has a higher level ( == distance ), it'll
> still not get any new requests unless all closer workers are in error
> state.
>>update and start them up again. If there are no local/main worker I need an 
>>error response and no routing to a switched off tomcat. Its possible that this 
>>happens once per day.
> Setting the non-local workers in disabled state should do that. 
>>I know this might be a special environment. I spent some time in jk1 to
>>build a working patch. Than I started looking in jk2. I'm not a good C
> Your patch looks ok. Would it be possible to remove the use of '0' as 
> a special value, and keep only the main_worker_mode flag for that ?
> Also, what's the meaning of 'reject' flag ? 

The '0' as lb_value is needed to determine which are the main/local-workers. If 
we don't have this special value we need an additional config-flag with a list 
of the local/main-workers like in Mathias patch.

Should I add an additional config-flag (I will take it from Mathias patch) or do 
we stay with the special '0' value?

The reject value of the 'main_worker_mode' flag is for the special behavior not 
to balance even if no main-worker is up. Without this flag you would send a 
request to a non main-worker if all main-workers are in error state. When the 
main-workers are only a preference it might be ok to send a request to a non 
main-worker and lose only the session but don't send an error response. I think 
this was what Mathias said. But I need an error response if the main-worker is down.

The 'main_worker_mode' is not the same like the 'in_main_worker_mode' var in 
lb_worker struct. If 'main_worker_mode' flag is set to 'reject' in the the reject var of lb_worker struct is set to JK_TRUE. The 
'in_main_worker_mode' var of lb_worker struct is set to JK_TRUE if there is in 
minimum one worker with '0' as lb_value.

> Also it would be nice to get some documentation for the new settings.

Thats no problem, I could write a patch for the HTML-page.

> Regarding jk2 - I just want to know if the current solution is ok or 
> what are still problems. For now the priority is getting the patch in jk1
> so it can be released in 4.0.4 final ( so today or early tommorow I would 
> like to close this issue ). 

This sounds pretty good, many thanks!


> Costin 
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