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From Mark Diggory <>
Subject Re: chown issues in /etc/init.d/tomcat4
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 22:56:16 GMT

GOMEZ Henri wrote:

>>I noticed a problem with /etc/init.d/tomcat4 script and 
>>I've been testing out the CATALINA_TMPDIR setting in this 
>>script and it 
>>appears very bad to have this set outside of the /var/tomcat4 
>>because you "chown" the CATALINA_TMPDIR directory to tomcat user:group.
>>For example: If I set CATALINA_TMPDIR to /tmp instead of 
>>/var/tomcat4/temp now my /tmp is chowned to tomcat4 (which 
>>really sucks).
> exact, and that's why I propose you to make a new directory,
> ie /var/spool/tomcat4 ;)

Yes, a plus might be a comment to this effect in the 
/etc/tomcat4/conf/tomcat4.conf file to save people from discovering this 
first hand. :-)

>>I issue as well applies to any other case where a directory is 
>>set which 
>>may be used by other programs/users. For example if I decided 
>>to send my 
>>logs to /var/log instead of /var/tomcat4/log and CATALINA_LOG got 
>>chowned, then my logging would be really screwed up. Luckly, I didn't 
>>chown it.
> Ditto, FHS recommand /var/log/tomcat4
> But since you're adjusting the normal location, I'm sure you
> known what you do ;]

Yep, I do. Just make my own directories in those locations.

I'm just making comments as I run through the install and I notice 
issues. Currently I end up runing a config script of my own to configure 
tomcat after the rpm is installed. This is to prepare tomcat for our 
software installation. I catch alot of this stuff in there. If it seems 
like a good idea or an issue that could be solved in the rpm/scripts 
then I pass suggestions on to you guy's.


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