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From "Anthony W. Marino" <>
Subject Re: "j-t-c/jk/native(2) build.xml": Global Server Property Initialization Issue
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 18:42:06 GMT
On Monday 27 May 2002 02:36 pm, Anthony W. Marino wrote:
> For example, the "apache13.home" property is set with too a generic/common
> directory location which should, 100% of the time, evaluate to true when
> checked with an "available" task (ie; target "detect").

Note that "True" is when running on *nix implementations.


> This global assignment will only occur, of course, when one has purposely
> commented-out (indicating apache13 not available) or inadvertantly omitted
> that particular property from a properties file.
> Several possible solutions:
> 1) Initialize the property with a more specific dir path (ie;
> /usr/local/apache13 (see "apache2.home" intialization).  Only issue here is
> if the user had several installs of apache13 including in the default path
> and intended to use another installation path.
> 2) Remove the global assignment and make it a prerequisite for the user to
> add this to a properties file which will always fail if not preset in a
> properties file.
> If you are going to setup global properties in "build.xml" maybe some
> conditional statements are in order, where applicable, to be more os
> specific/compliant.  Or mabe os specific properties files that could be
> generated/used automatically?
> Thanks,
> Anthony

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