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From Jan Luehe <Jan.Lu...@Sun.COM>
Subject [PATCH] Simplified scripting-variable declaration/synchronization in
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 22:25:44 GMT
According to JSP.7.4 ("The Tag Library Descriptor Format"), it is
illegal for a tag to define scripting variables in both its TLD and
TagExtraInfo class.

Jasper already enforces this, but its code generator makes separate
method calls for declaring/synchronizing scripting variables from a
TLD and those from the TagExtraInfo class, like this:

  // Update AT_BEGIN variables
  updateVariableInfos(varInfos, VariableInfo.AT_BEGIN, false);
  updateTagVariableInfos(tagVarInfos, n.getTagData(),

This can be simplified, since if "varInfos" is non-null, "tagVarInfos"
must be null, and vice-versa.

The proposed patch collapses the above method calls into one.

Also, the code generator makes separate method calls to declare
AT_BEGIN scripting variables outside the try-finally block, and then
synchronizing them inside the try-finally block.

Now that try-finally has been flattened, no separate declaration of
AT_BEGIN variables is required, that is, AT_BEGIN variables can be
declared when they are first synchronized (after a call to
doStartTag()), just as NESTED and AT_END variables. This makes
declareVariableInfos() and declareTagVariableInfos() redundant

As a summary, the attached patch replaces

  updateVariableInfos(), and

with a single



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