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From Nick Sharples <>
Subject Re: Tomcat WebDav servlet and webapp properties
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 15:27:21 GMT

John Trollinger writes:
 > I admit that what I am trying to do is a hack up front, but any help
 > would be great.
 > I am trying make the webdav servlet that comes with tomcat like ftp over
 > port 80.  
 > What we want to do is allow people to change files for any webapp
 > deployed by connecting to the webdav webapp.  The problem we are having
 > is how fool the webdav servlet into using a different path.
 > For example take a look at the following directory structure
 > Tomcat
 >  --> webapps
 > 	--> appone
 > 	  --> directoryone
 > 	--> apptwo
 > 	--> webdav
 > We want the webdav servlet be able to be configured so that it uses the
 > tomcat/webapps/appone/directoryone as the root path when connected to by
 > a webdav client.
 > Is this even posible.

I hacked up a WebDav solution to a *person webfolder* requirement we
had alittle while ago. It's not that clever, all it does is
authenticate the user and take them to a personal WebDav folder under
the WebDav context. It's a complete hack and not exactly what your
after but mail me if you think it would help.


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