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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: Vicious Abuse?
Date Sat, 25 May 2002 16:30:51 GMT

> Having hierarchies of 'people can only code' and 'people who lead' is
> not freedom. Creating a group that is 'more equal than the others' and
> taking away the right to vote to those we believe don't care is not
> freedom.

Maybe I missed something, but who as actually talking about people who
lead? Those "non committing members" will probably lead in there area
(sysadmins, legal stuff, or whatever you can think of) and they don't
care about projects at all, unless it involves their area.
I must add that I don't exactly know how this is handled right now, but
I guess if you want to put the jsdk on the tomcat site, you will get
someone -1'ing because of legal issues. I don't care about those issues,
so let people take care of what they are good at (in your case tomcat..)
Wouldn't it be great to just say "oh, let's cc xxxx, and let him/her
figure out it this is legal") and get back to focus on what really is
That person you are cc'ing could be a pro-deo lawyer and really wants to
be involved in the jakarta commity, but cannot be a member, because he
is not part of a project? You will get laught hard at if you will start
a vote to let this person be a committer, but it is better to start a
vote that he becomes a member, because he is contributing to legal
issues on jakarta.

People like to belong to something, you cannot say to people : we'll
drain your brain, but you are not an essential part of this comminity!
even though he is. The logical consequence will be he will disconnect
the brain drain and will not help us out anymore. 

Is this such a bad idea ? 

This lawyer is an example off course ;)) 


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