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From Kin-Man Chung <Kin-Man.Ch...@Eng.Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Re: [PROPOSAL] Modification of the code generated by Jasper2
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 23:58:38 GMT

> Now, about the level of nesting, shouldn't the information be available
> through the PageInfo object?  After all, the purpose of this class is
> "A repository for various info about the page under compilation".  And
> Generator currently has access to an instance of it.  So, if PageInfo
> had something like a "public int getTagElementsMaxNestingLevel()" method,
> Generator could use it to allocate the arrays.

Yes, the information will be available throught PageInfo object,
and which is updated in either Validator or Collector (I just make this

> We have two changes on the table:
> 1. Get the information about the level of the nesting with Visitor, or a
>    separate pass;
> 2. Remove the "finallies" and replace it with the "two state arrays";
> For #2, I'm confident that I could do it without problem.  For the #1, well,
> I've taken a quick look at Visitor, but the change seems to me far less
> obvious.
> The way I see it, in the constructor we initialize the nesting to zero.
> Each time:
> 	"public void visit(Node.CustomTag n) throws JasperException"
> is called we increment the nesting, and right after the call "visitBody(n);",
> just before the method terminate we decrement the nesting count.
> Obviously, we must keep track of the maximum depth level.  The information
> is ready to be used at the end of the:
> 	"public static void validate(Compiler compiler, ..."
> method, this is the one that initiates the visit(XXX) calls, right?.
> Would you like me to propose a patch for #1?  For #2?  And what about having
> the maximum CustomTag nesting depth level available through PageInfo?

I'll implement maximum tag nesting (though PageInfo) and you can work on
#1.  Deal?

> Thanks!


> -- 
> Denis Benoit

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