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From <>
Subject Re: [JK2] Some questions
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 23:09:20 GMT
First - Nacho, my next commit ( probably tommorow, after I check 
everything ) will be large, please commit whatever you have changed
and I'll resolve the conflicts.

The biggest change is using JK_OK / JK_ERR consistently for return 
types and using java style 
if( rc != JK_OK )
 instead of the 
if( function() ) {

The second change is some cleanup in the dispatch() and jk_handle,
so JNI/SHM will use the same mechanism and code. 

Now answers:

> isapi_redirector2.dll has started to load and log this night :) and is
> giving me a beautiful NPE when trying the ajp13 connector from tc33,
> it's suppoused to work, ?

Is it a NPE or a core dump ? I got it working with Apache + 3.3, 4.0,
4.1 ( ajp13-socket, unix, jni ), but I only did basic tests.

Send me the trace, I'll take a look.

> i have some caveats about the way the default logger logs by default ;),
> the code is trying printf to stderr, what can i do? into IIS there is no
> stderr to log to by default, 

2 choices - either don't do anything until the file is set, or 
implement a jk_log_windows.c that sends all messages to the windows
even log.

The second can sit in common/ and be conditionally compiled - in 
case someone else wants to use it ( for apache or another server ),
it's not specific to IIS ( but windows ).

( the log should go to whatever IIS or the server is using normally )

> i'll need to readd the register keys for default logger file and log
> level  :(, It seems to me rather messy because i will need to override
> and/or ignore those properties setted in the wk2.p file, to, at least,
> be consistent and to have only one place to configure log..

If you need to - then add them. That's not the biggest problem and we 
can change later.

> ANother Caveat is the serverRoot property, there is no serverRoot
> available here in CrapLand ;), i've mimic the serverRoot with a registry
> value, but it seems to me that the default config values should be more
> agnostic..

serverRoot is used to locate the conf/ and logs/ and will be used
 to locate webapps/ ( with Glen's fix ). 

( I'm not sure - there are 2 servers - probably we should find a way to 
keep all logs, confs, files in the same place ).

BTW, many thanks - I can't finish this without your help, is much
harder than I ever expected.


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