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From <>
Subject Re: MinTC, "terrible rudeness", persistence
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 14:06:36 GMT

I am also interested in MinTC.

But I must say I understand Remy's point about 'rudeness'. I don't
like bloat and I would love to see more modularization ( in
4.x and 3.x and most of the programs I know ). But this should
 be done by contributing to the project, not by creating 
a fork. 

And if MinTC is sucessfull ( and I hope it will ), we'll have 
all the problems in trying to merge or switch or fight.

So even if I don't like Valves and a lot of the 4.x API, I would
preffer to have any API changes/modularization/simplifications in the 
main branch, with pre-agreement from all parties - not in a form
of announcements of what has changed. Even if MinTC is a step 
forward, by adding more modularization and cleaning things 
- it is certainly not something we participate in at this 

And I personally believe what is private must remain private -
I would be very upset if an sensitive email I send in private to someone 
is made public ( even with the sender name removed - it was no doubt about 
who sent the mail, at least from the 'rudeness' clue :-).  

However, after things settle a bit I would be happy to propose
Cristopher as a commiter, and hope the changes and ideas will be discussed 
here and result in code changes in the main branch. 


On Fri, 19 Apr 2002, Remy Maucherat wrote:

> >  I've been informed by private email that I am "terribly
> > rude" for making announcements of MinTC releases on the
> > tomcat-dev list, and that I should not make any futher
> > announcements.
> Sorry, but I consider it rude to post announcements about other projects on
> the Tomcat mailing list.
> I attach the email since it is not public matter.
> >  So that's it then? I've been kicked off tomcat-dev (how
> > does that work on an open source project!?) because I've
> > offended someone by writing code they don't like!?!?
> I am indeed not interested in MinTC.
> MinTC has all the problems Catalina had before Coyote, with the only benefit
> being that it is smaller and would run on a few more Java platforms.
> Remy

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