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From <>
Subject RE: Building mod_jk2 for Win32
Date Fri, 12 Apr 2002 14:31:58 GMT
On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, Ignacio J. Ortega wrote:

> I've defined HAVE_UNIXSOCKETS, and i'm making the ifdefs with that it
> seems to me a little better, i think that not having unix sockets ( at
> least with that name :) maybe is more common than only win32?.. 

That's fine. The goal is to be able to use the best transport on each 
platform - doors is one possibility and it works only on solaris ( and a 
bit on linux ). You can exclude channel_apr_socket completely on windows,
 for socket you can use the old channel_socket.

> > I'm trying to build the thing with MSVC so I can start porting the IIS
> Same here, just now i've built apr standalone, and i'm in the process of
> fixing build.xml for the win32 things.. to be able to build, mod_jk2
> from ant, may be mod_jk2 will be the first apache project being dsp
> files free :))..


> > connector, it seems there are problems with the JK_METHOD and static,
> > plus some other minor things to be resolved. 
> I will devote some time later today for this, yesterday i've stopped at
> the very same point, with errors about function pointers assignment, it
> looks like what you are speaking about..
> > If you can solve this - it will simplify my life too :-)
> > 
> Same here :)) but i can understand you, i'm a win32 everyday user, and
> i'm used to that OS ( may be someone here call it crap instead OS :))),

No OS is perfect :-)

I'll wait for your commits - the only thing I would really like to try 
to do with the IIS connector is refactor the registry access code into 
common/jk_config_registry.c.  Just to see if the interface is good and
can support non-file based config storage.

> and i have all the neccesary things to work in that, i'll be glad of
> help the win32 part of mod_jk2, and the port ISAPI plugin from jk to
> jk2..

Same here. Since I'm not a windows user I'll wait for your code. Let me 
know how I can help.


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