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From <>
Subject Re: JNI
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 16:46:37 GMT
On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, jean-frederic clere wrote:

> > The 'idealistic' goal was to do that transparently - using System.load(),
> > so that the user will not have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH. We would set 
> > aprHome in - and that's it. 
> Something like ld.config or crle also helps.

It's the same thing. 

My point is that I can't find any method to avoid requiring a setup 
where all libraries can be available and in path. I can get it to work on 
some platforms, sometimes, with lots of pain.

It seems Sun can't either - the java_wrapper does set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
before starting java ( look at 'java' content, it's a script on solaris 
and linux ).

The problem applies to both 'directions' - C loading java and Java 
loading C. In the first case, and all other java libs that are
needed should be in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, in the second libapr and all the 
libs we use should be there.

On some OSes and some libraries it is possible to avoid that - and that's 
what we tried to do in the jni worker and in our java native code. But it
is not reliable - it depends on too many factors. 

My proposal is to give up - and explicitely require that LD_LIBRARY_PATH
 is set, or ld.config, or and are installed in 
/usr/lib or JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/i386 or any equivalent situation.

The shell scripts are easy to modify ( we'll just require an extra 
'APR_HOME' and include it in LD_LIBRARY_PATH if set ). For non-shell users
we'll just make it explicit that LD_LIBRARY_PATH must be set to use the 
native code. 

For the JNI worker we'll make it explicit that JAVA_HOME and 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH including the java libs are required before starting 
apache ( or IIS,etc).


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