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From "Bharat Jain" <>
Subject TomCat web-server : problem with Japanese chars
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 13:45:33 GMT

The Web-server of TomCat does not appear to be able to resolve URLs that 
contain non-ASCII characters (e.g. Japanese language) correctly for all 
cases. We have a Win'2000 (Japanese OS) machine on which TomCat 4 is 

If some URL contains Japanese characters like :
Here if myname is a Japanese string, it works fine because within the 
servlet myservlet, we have set the encoding type to SHIFT_JIS before reading 
the request parameters (a feature of Servlet 2.3 API)

But for a URL like :
this does not work if myname is a Japanese string and the server responds 
with a 'resource not found' error.

So is this a bug in TomCat or is there any solution we can implement for 
this ?

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