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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: PROPOSAL: mod_jk2 autoconfig
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2002 10:24:42 GMT
>I think the current solution of generating configs on tomcat startup,
>or having tomcat send it's config to apache is wrong. 

when tomcats and httpd servers run on differents machines you need
to have a form of link between them, and that's why I proposed
autoconf to be added to ajp13 (I don't tell ajp14 to avoid confusion).

I agree we have a sort of chicken and eggs problems here since httpd
servers need to know which tomcat are available to try to connect to
them to get the configuration.

Ideally we need a broadcast solution for such purpose.

httpd server should have a thread (or fork in AP 1.3) to listen
to incoming broadcast notification and determine if there is a
new tomcat in (or out) and contact newcomer to get its config
informations. In case of tomcat caming out, it should remove
references to the old tomcat.

- In java land there is a solution, javagroups 
  which sadly still use a LGPL license which prevent to have it include in ASF project.

  If ever javagroups decide to switch to a BSD license or better
  join jakarta, it will be really great and in that case we could
  use httpd + jni + javagroups to talk and configure the groups 
  of distants tomcats

- In native/java land, there is still spread (
  which have a license compatible with ASF.

>Finally, the shmem system that is ( will be ) used for 
>of workers ( i.e. when a tomcat starts up it can add itself 
>without admin intervention ) can be used by the deploy/admin tool to 
>reconfigure uri mappings ( with the common mapper, the native mapper
>still requires a soft restart - but that can be automated as well ). 
>Implementation-wise - this is not difficult, and can be done pretty
>fast if Glenn and few other people step in. 
>I believe that's going to be very close to 'minimal' pain for the 
>regular user while preserving the ability to fine tune everything.
>NOTE: jk2 will use a different model for the lb, see next mail.

You're speaking of channel, I'd like the idea, since it's very
similar to the channel/group concept of javagroup/spread.

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