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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: MinTC, "terrible rudeness", persistence
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 14:52:13 GMT
>This cannot be done, as the layering structure of the ASF 
>won't "allow" it.
>It can be hosted either in commons, either here (but then it would be
>swallowed by the TC project itself), or as a top level project 
>of Jakarta
>(or some other project)...

couldn't it be a tomcat sub project like jasper2 or jtc ?

>> Do you remember what you say yesterday about platform problems ?)
>I clearly do, I replied to your post saying that "I don't care" about
>AS/400s and stated clearly what my objectives are (compilation 
>of mod_jk
>under hesoteric operating systems is not a bug, not a security 
>hole, but
>simply a port of a "component" I'm not involved with - let's make a
>difference here).

Ok, that's why an alternative build system which may help build
on hesoterico-exotico OS is still good to take. end of story ;)

>It's something I won't probably need in the future, and 
>_I_BELIEVE_ doesn't
>affect our users community "at large", as frankly AFAIK you're 
>the only one
>with one of those little nifty IBM machines I know). 

JF/Martin from ASF have also some interesting systems ;)

There is many commiters on ASF who works directly on indirectly 
for IBM and use/contribute ASF projects. Not speaking about 
AS/400 techies from IBM Rochester Labs tracking tomcat-dev 
in silent mode, and I'd like to heard a little more (Walt, Jim be our guests).

Tomcat is a server side application and AS/400 is not so exotic 
on server area. That's why it's so important to get it there.

IBM use on AS/400, some of the latest ASF works, Apache 2.0, Tomcat 
(yes still 3.2.1, they need to upgrade their own mod_jk version
to be able to use tomcat 3.3.1 or 4.0.3 since updates in headers
in ajp13). 

I'm very happy using tomcat/apache2.0/jk on AS/400 instead of
being limited to IBM own websphere. Having OSS on such 'closed'
systems is a great victory of ASF....

>But at least I
>replied... (Ok, now don't nitpick on the fact that I'm not 
>fixing Win32 bugs
>on Win32, I _don't_have_ a Win32 machine anymore, at least 
>since I left Sun
>Microsystems, and my MSVC license is not available anymore since those
>people testing out builds at the University of Westminster 
>don't work there

>On the other hand, how many replies were there to a 
>notification of a _bug_
>(a serious security hole -IMO) I found on OS/X? Zero, not even 
>a (as I said)
>"since you have OS/X can you volunteer to fix it", or "since I 
>don't have
>OSX I don't care about it"... none, nada, nihil, nothing...

I didn't have OS/X, and you know how I'll be happy to have one,
so couldn't do anything to fix. 

>Now I'm wondering... What would have happened if I reported 
>the same bug for
>Tomcat 3.3? :) :) :) :)

Same problem that in 4.x and related question :

- how many tomcat 3.3 developpers have access to OS/X ?
- how many tomcat 4.x developpers have access to OS/X ?

if the bug is a security problem, at least on one platform,
it should be fixed and since you have access to such platform
you may provide the fix. 

There was fix for windows platform not so long from that
but it's clear that OS/X and AS/400 have a common problem
today, less users/developpers than Unix or Windows....

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