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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: jakarta-tomcat-connectors documentation/summaries
Date Sun, 28 Apr 2002 22:43:26 GMT
"Christopher K.  St.  John" <> wrote:

> The following document is very incomplete, and in many
> cases factually incorrect. The idea is to post it now, while
> it's obviously in draft form, get feedback, and then clean it
> up and publish it wherever would be most useful (jakarta-tomcat
> connectors page, or the Tomcat FAQ)

That's good :)

> I'm currently tracking down user-level instructions for all the
> connector/webserver/container combinations I can find, so pointers
> to those are especially welcome. I'm not wedded to any of the listing
> categories, or the format, or pretty much anything else, so if you
> don't like it, speak up.

Documentation for webapp is practically non-existant ATM... We need someone

> mod_jserv

This can't be decoupled from Apache JServ, it's still an old pre-Foundation
project. If Jon agrees (since he seems to be the only one but me who worked
on that codebase from the beginning) I would put it in retirement and not
even mention it...

> webapp
>  you might see the terms "mod_webapp", "webapp" and "WARP", being
>  used in a confusingly similiar way, but properly: mod_webapp - the
>  apache module portion of webapp, WARP - the underlying protocol


>  why it was written:
>   uses APR, tight tomcat 4 intergration

Going to be even tighter for performance... I'm thinking about removing
legacy from the Host catalina container, but still not quite figured out a
full "action plan"...

>  status:
>    ???

Works perfectly on all Unix operating systems with Apache 1.3 and Apache 2.0
with the "prefork" MPM. We have some experimental code in the repository to
add multi-threaded support, namedly Apache 1.3 under Windows and Apache 2.0
with the other MPMs.

>  where to get the source:
>    jakarta-tomcat-connectors/webapp


>  where to find documentation:
>    jakarta-tomcat-connectors/webapp

Correct (for now)

>  works with:
>    tomcat versions:
>      tomcat-4
>      others?

Nope... Only Tomcat 4.x and there are no whatsoever plans to integrate it
with something else...

>    web servers:
>      apache 1.3
>      others?

Apache 1.3 (non windows) Apache 2.0 (prefork mpm)

>    operating systems:
>      "not windows"?

Not windows ATM, but as I said, the new code is in the repo...

>  underlying protocol:
>    WARP


>  special powers:
>    tight webserver/container integration means simple deployments
>    are very easy

Correct... There might be some evolution on this in the upcoming months
(before July).

>  primary developers:
>    Pier Fumagalli <>
>    others?

Jean-Frederic Clere <>

>  mailing list/documentation comments:
>  Pier Fumagalli <> : "I just said that for what
>  matters to me (meaning, for what I use it, it works
>  allright)... That's far from saying that I'm no longer interested
>  on it."

I love being quoted :)

>  mod_jk vs mod_webapp thread: pier : "Motivation? I don't like
>  mod_jk, I wanted to use APR as a portable runtime for an Apache 1.3
>  module, I believe that the WARP protocol with built-in support for
>  auto-deployment and web-application configuration is the way to go
>  (rather than using mod_rewrite rules all the way around),"

There were some other motivations when it all started... Mod_JK was
unmaintained, and nobody knew how to make it work. I didn't like its design
and took out the experiences I had while working on mod_jserv and all those
nifty ideas, and put them together (note: the WARP protocol is a derivate of
AJPv21 which was supposed to be used on JServ.NEXT)...


I think that it's extremely foolish to name a server after the current U.S.
President.                                                 B.W. Fitzpatrick

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