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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Building modapp for Tomcat4.0 and apache1_3.23
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 16:26:14 GMT
"GOMEZ Henri" <> wrote:

>> Good if _they_ build it over there, _they_  can build the
>> modules as well.
> you think they will build mod_jk and mod_jk2 ?

Frankly, given that I don¹t care much about JK, I don¹t care if they build
it as well..

> In fact mod_jk is present in OS/400 but is really
> an old version (from 3.2) so wouldn't works against
> 3.3 / 4.0, that's why I want to work on it, without
> autoconf....

So, then do all you want on JK... I _am_ talking about webapp. And my vetoes
will go only in the code _I_ wrote and _I_ care about...

I never vetoed the inclusion of CGIs (or DAV, or the manager) in Tomcat,
although I think it's just a pointless style effort, I don't want to see it
there, and I think it introduces security hazards that I don't even want to
THINK about... I simply install my Tomcat 4.0 binary distribution and do:

rm -f /export/tomcat/server/lib/servlets-cgi \
      /export/tomcat/server/lib/servlets-manager \
      /export/tomcat/server/lib/servlets-snoop \
      /export/tomcat/server/lib/servlets-ssi \

(Darn, I even have a script for doing that).

>> When IBM will contribute back their build stuff to Apache 2.0
>> and APR, maybe
>> we can think about that...
> I asked many times to the http-dev list and some IBMers told
> me they may one day. May be you could try also to convince them.
> I'll thanks you if you could succeed...

Given that I don't have an AS/400 (and not planning to have) to run those
things on, I could care less...

>>> So why are we using ant in jakarta instead of smaller makefiles ?)
>> F**K: because those are TWO different things! I never said
>> ANYTHING about
>> building the webapp classes with ANT when those were build with Tomcat.
>> Building 10000 java class files and no C is different from building
>> APR+mod_webapp and maaaayyyybeeeee 10 java classes in ONE package...
> Yes, but the makefiles to build webapp and tomcats could be smaller
> than the build file ;-)

It itches you? Go and do it! FWIW I never actually patched a single line of
the build.xml... I just go and download binaries...

>>> ant is a great tool and it will be a PITA to avoid using it
>>> when it's a valid alternative to old like
>> autoconf/automake/libtool/m4.
>>> ant is ASF after all and run on all OS, so it's a good reason to use
>>> it when possible. jkant (in jtc) is a good example of
>> native-interaction
>>> module which boost ant...
>> Go and build APR on 20something different OSes with ANT, and we'll see
>> what's a PITA.
> When APR will be stabilized and officially released we could try to
> build it with jkant ;)

If it works, well, that can go in parallel, I don't care, as long as someone
won't start requiring me a JVM to build the sucker, because I don't have a
JVM on my Darwin/x86 box, and on my Linux/Playstation box.

/bin/sh (call it "autoconf" if you want) and GNU make (thank god) exist on
way more platforms than a JVM.


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