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From "Ignacio J. Ortega" <>
Subject RE: [JK2] Some questions
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 23:58:35 GMT
> First - Nacho, my next commit ( probably tommorow, after I check 
> everything ) will be large, please commit whatever you have changed
> and I'll resolve the conflicts.

Done, go ahead..

> Is it a NPE or a core dump ? I got it working with Apache + 3.3, 4.0,
> 4.1 ( ajp13-socket, unix, jni ), but I only did basic tests.
> Send me the trace, I'll take a look.

jk_uriMap.c/411, it seems the worker is null, it gives a NPE when trying
to log the worker name found to service the uri.

> > i have some caveats about the way the default logger logs 
> by default ;),
> 2 choices - either don't do anything until the file is set, or 

This way I've lost all the logs at the jk start, prior to read the wk2.p
file, it's hard to debug a config failure this way..

> implement a jk_log_windows.c that sends all messages to the windows
> even log.

I'll try this weekend, not very difficult, i'm starting to understand
the undergoings of jk2, and is nice, verbose but nice.. ;)

> > i'll need to readd the register keys for default logger file and log
> > level  :(, It seems to me rather messy because i will need 
> to override
> > and/or ignore those properties setted in the wk2.p file, 
> to, at least,
> > be consistent and to have only one place to configure log..
> If you need to - then add them. That's not the biggest problem and we 
> can change later.

Well, i would like to reduce the registry settings needed at a minimun,
registry settings are little evil to me, tomcat-user is plenty of
problems related to config settings, at least until these nice
installers came into play, I much prefer text configs.. 

> > value, but it seems to me that the default config values 
> should be more
> > agnostic..
> serverRoot is used to locate the conf/ and logs/ and will be used
>  to locate webapps/ ( with Glen's fix ). 
> ( I'm not sure - there are 2 servers - probably we should 
> find a way to 
> keep all logs, confs, files in the same place ).

This can work for apache, win32 or *x but for IIS it's really hard, i
much prefer to keep all this things near tomcat, not near the System32
directory :), anyway having a totally agnostic way, given the OOP over C
style jk2 has, this could be done by making a specialized config (
inheriting from the actual one ) for every server? this specialized
config would make the need asumptions for the server using jk2?

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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