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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Re: Tomcat JASPER Stop Reloading
Date Sun, 28 Apr 2002 00:29:50 GMT
JSP page checking can not be disbled.

You may want to review the recent proposal and replies to it
for adding support to jasper for detecting changes to compile
time included pages.  It was suggested that background compiling
in a separate thread be added (along with the background thread
detecting file changes).  This might meet your needs by reducing
the latency due to checking for recompile to just a boolean test.



Samuel Gabriel wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I asked this question before but I didn't get any answer, is there is a
> configuration to disable JASPER checking of the timestamp on the JSP page
> each request, it is an important configurtion in a production envirnoment
> where things seldom changes, it is the same concept as the reloadable flag
> for the Java classes, if we can disable the checking of the java classes why
> not the Jsp pages as well, since it is compiled into servlet at the time,
> the request will be so much faster if it is directly invoke the compiled
> servlet without doing that extra check.
> Also another more complicated solution could be done by implementing a
> listener interface, where there will be this thread checking the timestamp
> of the pages every second or so and notify Jasper to recompile it if
> required.
> Please let me know your thoughts on that, I can add it to the JASPER code if
> it isnot already there.
> Regards
> Sam
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