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From Rolf Veen <>
Subject Re: MinTC, "terrible rudeness", persistence
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 13:55:05 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:

> I will veto this (or vote against, if it's a majority vote). It has been
> very clear for a while that the Tomcat project has to provide one and only
> one servlet container for a particular version of the specifications.

That would have been the best. But right now there are two different
implementations of the 2.2 spec, without any clear winner from the
user's and also the integrator's point of view. If Tomcat 5 builds on
Tomcat 4.x, should 3.x die then ? I don't think so.

The two approaches are so different that, in case (and only in case) the
performance of both remains similar, I would prefer to have the
choice. Within the Apache umbrella, if possible.

So, I'm clearly +1 for more that one container implementation on Apache,
each one with its own goals (complex/simple, big/small,
Interceptor/Valve, etc). And all (except one) free to implement (or not)
the sunny specs.

[Again, +1 == 0, in this case]

Kind regards.

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