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From "Christopher K. St. John" <>
Subject MinTC, "terrible rudeness", persistence
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 02:58:26 GMT

 I've been informed by private email that I am "terribly
rude" for making announcements of MinTC releases on the
tomcat-dev list, and that I should not make any futher

 So that's it then? I've been kicked off tomcat-dev (how
does that work on an open source project!?) because I've
offended someone by writing code they don't like!?!?

 This is a bit of a problem for me, as MinTC is, technically,
a version of Catalina, and should be a perfectly appropriate
topic for tomcat-dev. Especially when it's one message every
few weeks.

 MinTC is certainly not a mainline version of Tomcat 4, but
it shares a significant amount of (unforked) code, and that
makes it important to seek a close relationship with the
people maintaining the codebase. It's a bit like sharing a
telephone booth with an 800 lb gorilla: it's a bit much to
hope to have any influence over what phone calls are made,
but at least you can hope to make your presence know so that
you don't get sat on.

 It's a dilemma: there's no point in having an antagonistic
relationship with the core Tomcat developers, that's worse
than nothing. But good grief! This is an opensource project!
MinTC is a version of Catalina, where the heck else am I 
going to discuss it? I'm contributing bug fixes and code back
to the core implementation, I'm helping to clean up the core
interfaces, I'm using the Catalina code, I'm doing documentation
work, but I'm not welcome? That seems so strange, and so sad.

 I'd like to get some feedback from someone other than the
person who wrote me privately. Craig? Could you give me an
opinion please? You seem to have the moral leadership role
here. Anybody else, please chime in. I'm horrified that I might
have been being unknowingly rude, but I'm at a loss to explain
how exactly I've caused such awful offense. I honestly don't
get it.

 Thanks, and please, as you think about your response, keep in
mind that the Catalina proposal docs specifically talk about 
people doing exactly what MinTC does under the Catalina umbrella.

 Thanks, and sorry for any inadvertant rudeness,


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