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From "Christopher K. St. John" <>
Subject [ANN] MinTC 0.6 Alpha "It's JSP-alicious"
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 06:44:52 GMT

 Big news for this release: initial JSP support, a
sucessful test of MinTC running a simple Apache XML-RPC
demo, and confirmation that MinTC will run on a Sharp
Zaurus. Watchdog results: "345 TEST(S) PASSED! 3 TEST(S)
FAILED!". This should be the last alpha.

Check it out at:

 MinTC is sort of a bizarro-world Catalina implementation.
Instead of being maxed out with features, it's small and
special-purpose. It requires no local file system access,
and can execute servlets and serve static content from
within its jar. Think web-enabling an application's admin
interface, or packaging a webapp as a zero-installation
standalone application.

 MinTC is good for Tomcat 4 because it keeps the Catalina
interfaces honest. If you're a Tomcat 4 developer it's
probably worth a look just to see other implementation

MinTC is hard to compile, and probably will remain that
way until fairly late in the beta release cycle. If your
webapp runs with Tomcat 4, and you'd like to see if it
runs under MinTC, then drop me an email and we'll see
about getting you a special build.

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