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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: Jasper2
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 18:56:52 GMT
> I am opening the discussion in, if you don't
> mind.  I think there are others who may be interested in the topic.
> jasper2 is in jakarta-tomcat-jasper.  You'll need to build
> first, and then jasper2.  It just drops the jar files into tomcat build
> Ignore jasper34 in that branch.
> Be warned that jasper2 is still under development, so it's quality is not
> release product quality yet.  Also, it generates pretty much the same code
> as tomcat 4.x, for now; so expect comparable performance.  Of course we'll
> need to change that!  :-)

Actually, I've already done the optimization for the runtime and it is very
significant for simple pages (see my commits last week); when the page does
run, it does it very fast now. There's no hotspot left in the runtime
(according to OptimizeIt; of course, it won't help taglibs reuse in any
way), the rest is up to the compiler.

I had problems with the new compiler / runtime environment though (for ex,
the include example doesn't work, and the admin webapp can't compile), so
it's not ready yet.

> It's great that you are doing performance evaluation for different
> of tomcat.  Can your jstl run in tc3 and tc4 without change?  Can we
> separated performance attributed to containers as opposed to those
> to jasper?  For those jasper performance, how can we identify the most
> profitable improvements that we should do?

I think I've done the part on the container improvements (at least, the
additional tweaks won't bring any big performance increase now); the rest
seems up to the compiler.


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