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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] possible speed enhancement to
Date Sat, 20 Apr 2002 09:50:07 GMT
> I'm new to this list (and the jasper code), so please let me know if I've
> submitted this incorrectly.
> I was doing some profiling of the server side environment that I work on
> and noticed that quite a bit of time was being used in the JSP engine.
> further investigation I noticed that each JSP request that comes into the
> engine generates a new compiler object and attempt at compilation. As much
as 15%
> of the time of a JSP request is wasted this way.
> The change I made attempts to read the last modified date from the JSP
> file being request. A comparison is made against known last modified time
> for the current compiled version, if they are different then the code
> as it used to. If the times are the same then the rest of loadJSP is
> In my test application which relies on calling ~10 jsp files to generate
> a single page I found a speed improvement of ~25-50ms (on a PIII 650).
> There may be better ways to do this. I concentrated my fix here because
> it is where the profiler said the problem was. One drawback of the code
> submitting is that if there are a large number of JSP's the Hashtable I
use to
> store information may get large. However I can't see that being a problem
> a site has >10,000 jsp's.
> The change I'm submitting may not be the correct way to approach the
> problem. Either way I think this is an issue that deserves some attention
> if someone can suggest a better fix please do.

I did a lot of opimizations in the Jasper 2
(jakarta-tomcat-connectors/jasper2) JspServlet. I don't know how much is
addressed by the patch that I already did. Could you check it out ?


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