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From Attila Szegedi <>
Subject 8024 is bugging me
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 07:32:35 GMT
Guys, the bug 8024 (
is really bugging me. Excuse me for nudging; I do know this is volunteer
work and have respect for all of your time (being a committer myself on
several OSS projects), but could you incorporate the patch I provided
( into
the CVS?

It's 4 lines total, shouldn't be hard to commit, and would finally enable
people to include XML entities generated by "jspc -webinc" into their
web.xml files. The inclusion of webinc entities is part of the
JSP-precompiling practice I described in a published article, and I keep
getting posts from people that read the article complaining it's not working
in TC 4.x. (This worked perfectly in TC 3.2.x, btw.)


Attila Szegedi

----- Original Message -----
From: "Christopher K. St. John" <>
To: <>
Sent: 2002. április 18. 8:44
Subject: [ANN] MinTC 0.6 Alpha "It's JSP-alicious"

>  Big news for this release: initial JSP support, a
> sucessful test of MinTC running a simple Apache XML-RPC
> demo, and confirmation that MinTC will run on a Sharp
> Zaurus. Watchdog results: "345 TEST(S) PASSED! 3 TEST(S)
> FAILED!". This should be the last alpha.
> Check it out at:
>  MinTC is sort of a bizarro-world Catalina implementation.
> Instead of being maxed out with features, it's small and
> special-purpose. It requires no local file system access,
> and can execute servlets and serve static content from
> within its jar. Think web-enabling an application's admin
> interface, or packaging a webapp as a zero-installation
> standalone application.
>  MinTC is good for Tomcat 4 because it keeps the Catalina
> interfaces honest. If you're a Tomcat 4 developer it's
> probably worth a look just to see other implementation
> options.
> MinTC is hard to compile, and probably will remain that
> way until fairly late in the beta release cycle. If your
> webapp runs with Tomcat 4, and you'd like to see if it
> runs under MinTC, then drop me an email and we'll see
> about getting you a special build.
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