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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: Corrupted Ouput - Tomcat 4.0.3
Date Sun, 14 Apr 2002 21:37:18 GMT
> Remy Maucherat wrote:
> >
> > > There seems to be a bug in the servlet output.
> >
> > Tomcat 4 does not corrupt images, binaries, or anything like that. This
> > been proven on and on by many people using it (like myself) on various
> > websites.
> >
>  That logic doesn't work. The fact that it works for
> some people, even the vast majority of people, is no
> proof at all that it works for everyone.

Although I cannot mathematically prove it, there is not in the Tomcat
codebase (o.a.catalina.* packages) any incorrect handling of binary output
which would cause binary corruption. So I stand by my statement. I don't see
any need for doubt when there should not be any.

After that, the network stack of the VM is a black box, so anything can
happen (for example, the connector is using TCP no delay set to true; maybe
that could be causing problems).


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