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From "Cavan Morris" <>
Subject Apache 2.0 + warpConnection: redirect for <user-data-constraint> does not work
Date Sun, 21 Apr 2002 00:00:19 GMT
I'm running apache 2.0 over tomcat 4.0.2 with mod_webapp.  I have a virtual host set up for
my domain in apache and SSL configured on port 443 for that host.  I have the standalone tomcat
server on port 8080 as well.  All of those thing seem to work fine.  The problem is with the
following and the warpConnector.

My web.xml file specifies the following for several areas.

My server.xml file specifies redirectPort="443" for both the standalone and warp connectors.

If I connect on port 8080 (i.e. http://MY_HOST:8080/CONFIDENTIAL.jsp) I get redirected properly
to https://MY_HOST/CONFIDENTIAL.jsp.  However, if I connect on port 80 (i.e. http://MY_HOST/CONFIDENTIAL.jsp)
I get a blank page in the browser as if the response just closed without any redirect to anywhere.

I've looked at the connectors java code but can't really follow it too far.  Has this configuration
been tested to work?  Is there anything I can do to figure out what's going on.  I'm a moderately
experienced java developer but am completely unfamiliar with what goes on under the hood in

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
-Cavan Morris

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