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From <>
Subject mod_jk2: setProperty()
Date Sat, 02 Mar 2002 04:08:28 GMT
I'm in the process of implementing the last proposal ( regarding uri 
configuration ).

I started with doing another round of cleanup/refactoring on the
initialization code - making it closer to what we use on the
java side.

The major change is the (almost complete) deprecation of validate()
and the pull model for properties. All workers/channels/mapper/etc
will follow the same get/setProperty model, with a separate
module controlling the configuration. 

The new model has few big advantages: it is independent of the 
config format ( so later we can add cleanly XML or protocol-based
configs ), it allows run-time changes in the config file,
it's cleaner (IMHO :-), it's very close to what we're doing on
the java side ( so easier to understand - I hope ).

The big problem is that for the moment it can't support the format completely. I can add that
back later, but for now I would like to keep the code 
clean. The major change is that the order of properties
matter - an object must be created before other properties
are set ( i.e. must be first, and must be second ). ( like in java, you
must first create the class, then use introspection to
set properties ).

So if you're playing with mod_jk2, it may break ( 'may' is
a big understatement :-).

BTW, getPropery is not implemented in any of the modules,
it is supposed to allow getting data at runtime in a 
consistent way - not only config, but also runtime status 
and information.

I think it's a very good change, but if you have doubts - 
please send your comments.


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