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From <>
Subject mod_jk2 config
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 16:38:42 GMT

I implemented the changes we discussed, now mod_jk2 supports only
2 spache specific directives - JkSet ( fully equivalent with ), and JkUriSet for per/location settings.

The big problem is The file is used for IIS,
and is equivalent with JkMount.

JkMount /uri worker 

What we need is a bit more power - to specify other per/dir 
properties ( some needed for mapper to avoid duplicated 
mapping, some for features ). We also need to make place for the

My proposals:

1)  Name the 'main' file ( instead of, since it does more than workers ). Name 
the mapping file ( or jkuri ? )

2) New syntax for uri properties.


This is similar with worker.NAME.PROPERTY_NAME=value,
however for paths this is a bit ugly.

Obviously, a good solution would be to use XML, but I 
don't feel ready to do XML in C for this release of jk.
Also, the file will be generated - and not visible to
most users.

3) Multiple config files are already supported. I would
like to have one for each webapp. 
We can either use a single dir, conf/jk/apps and 
have a file per webapp - using names like 
APPNAME.jkmap. Or we can have it as  WEB-INF/

The file will contain all mappings for a webapp. If an
app is added or reloaded, only those mappings will have
to change - that will help a lot in allowing app changes
without restarting the web server.

4) Same thing for workers. I would like a separate config
file per worker. If loadbalancing is used, you can just add
the worker.jkworker to conf/jk/workers and tell mod_jk to
read it. It'll also be cleaner.

Those are just some ideas - 2 is the important one.
Opinions ?


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