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From "Arvind Srinivasan" <>
Subject [PATCH] - Make default deployment descriptor file location configurable
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2002 10:01:41 GMT
This is a patch for RFE# 7564. It allows one to specify/override the
location of the default deployment descriptor. Currently, this is hardcoded
to 'conf/web.xml' in

Products that embed the Catalina engine (using Embedded's API) may have a
different directory structure and this patch allows one to programmatically
specify the location of the default deployment descriptor rather than having
to change the value of o.a.c.startup.Constants.defaultWebXml.

    StandardContext context = new StandardContext();
    ContextConfig config = new ContextConfig();
    ((Lifecycle) context).addLifecycleListener(config);


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