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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: mod_jk2 config
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 00:03:38 GMT
>> >The best UI for configuration is xemacs ( or vi ) :-) 
>> May be for experienced users/admins, but this kind of tools are
>> one of the reason IT managers choose products like websphere 
>> because they fill it will be easier to manage.
>I had a :-) at the end :-)

Yes, I noticed ;)

>The whole point of refactoring the jk2 configuration is to 
>make it easier for tools to manage it. The proposed get/setProperty
>would even be easily implementable as a simple dynamic mbean on the
>java side, and the status worker will be much simpler and powerfull
>( changing any jk property at runtime would be close to trivial )


>My only remaining concern is updating/saving
>when updates are made ( either via ajp14 or the status/ctl worker ).
>The main problem is that comments are going to be lost. I hope
>to abstract the config storage enough to make this pluggable,
>with one option beeing read/write properties file ( with no
>comments ).
>> what's the status of iis/nes/domino ?
>Apache1.3 is the next - it's mostly replacing strings and removing
>the duplicated code ( a lot of the server-specific initialization
>has moved to common/ ). 


>As soon as the code is stable I'll finish 1.3, I can probably do
>IIS as well.

What about iPlanet and Domino ?

>> Exact, it will be used only on LOGREQUEST mode. Which make me
>> think that we could have this one in a + mode.
>> JkLogLevel info + request 
>> instead of
>> JkLogLevel request
>Don't forget - it's 
>   JkSet value 
>I would make it a per/uri property ( instead of a global or 
>per/worker property ).
> <Location ....>
>   JkUriSet logRequest  true
> </Location>
>The log level should remain INFO/DEBUG/..., similar with the java side,
>but we can easily add settings to log more info in individual objects.


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