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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Apache1.3/mod_jk (unix) & Tomcat 4 & No processor available, rejecting this connection
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2002 15:38:56 GMT
I have finally figured out why sometimes the Tomcat4 Ajp13Connector
would refuse connections.

Each Apache1.3 httpd process using mod_jk establishes a single connection
to Tomcat the first time it has to forward a request to Tomcat.  
That connection is only used by that httpd process.

mod_jk can fail to make a new connection to Tomcat when an httpd process 
forwards its first request to Tomcat if the number of httpd processes which 
have already established a connection to Tomcat exceeds the Ajp13Connector 
maxProcessors setting.

So it is critical that the Ajp13Connector maxProcessors be set >=
the maxiumum number of Apache httpd processes.

This may be a known config issue, but I haven't any documentation for this issue.



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