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From "Christopher K. St. John" <>
Subject servlet.jar, /ext, MANIFEST.MF
Date Sun, 24 Mar 2002 02:21:27 GMT

The JDK documentation indicates that servlet.jar, as an
official optional package, should be placed in the
/lib/ext directory. [1] However, the Tomcat 4 documentation
(well, the mailing list) indicates that servlet.jar should
not be placed in /lib/ext. [2]

Catalina should be able to detect problems using
java.lang.Package methods to query the version of the
provided javax.servlet packages.

 It looks like this would require:

  1) jakara-servletapi-4 to provide a manifest with the
     appropriate version information.

  2) Catalina to check the version information at some
     point, perhaps optionally.

Is this a reasonable thing to do? I admit to a cosiderable
amount of confusion over the balance between theory
[3],[4],[5] and practice. Any feedback/clarification
greatly appreciated.

 4th paragraph of the Introduction uses servlet.jar as an
 example of something that definitely belongs in /ext. I'm
 not trying to argue about it, I'm just pointing out that
 the documentation conflicts with common practice. I've
 gotten into arguments with people who insist it's ok because
 of the extensions spec says, specifically, that it is.

 ref "Additional Comments", also:
 ref para starting "TOMCAT-USER gets 10 or so messages a week".



[5] SRV.9.7.1 "Dependencies On Extensions". Yes, I know,
it isn't quite the same thing.

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