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From Jim Seach <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] change JDBCRealm to add flexibility in table layout
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 13:16:27 GMT

Forgive me if I don't understand, but it appears you are saying that
JDBCRealm's use of a sub-optimal table design is *flexible* because
there are ways in some databases to modify a correct schema (by adding
a view) to make it work with JDBCRealm?  It seems to me in this case
that it is the database that is being flexible not JDBCRealm!

In other words, users of databases such as MySQL or small pure Java
databases like HSQL or McCoi are out of luck because we refuse a
*backward compatible* patch that would allow them to work with their
existing, correct db design?

It seems to me that true flexiblilty in our code would be to allow
JDBCRealm to work with multiple database designs without requiring the
addition of views or modification of table designs.

Jim Seach

--- "Ignacio J. Ortega" <> wrote:
> > De: John Gregg []
> > Enviado el: miércoles 6 de marzo de 2002 15:26
> > provided, but I consider it an improvement nonetheless because I
> value
> > flexible designs.  I would expect the MySQL users to 
> a flexible design is what you get in JDBCREalm, dont misinterpret me,
> the db design you've been proposing is the "Right One" :) I'm not
> discussing that, but i think  flexible design is the one that lets
> you
> achieve your goals without modiying the code, i'm achiving your goals
> without modifying the code, ergo the Actual JDBCRealm is flexible
> enough
> to suit your needs, hence proved the first hypotesis.., JDBCRealm is
> flexible enough already :)
> Do you want, finally, to solve some flaws in MySql, as the lack of
> views? well not a problem, but is something that is very bad for my
> taste ( and my taste was modelled after some of our local gurus) 
> Anyone has other comments?
> Saludos ,
> Ignacio J. Ortega
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