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From (Alex Chaffee)
Subject [FAQ] jGuru FAQ Update
Date Sat, 02 Mar 2002 02:44:12 GMT
jGuru maintains FAQs and Forums on Servlets, JSP, and Tomcat (as well as
many other Java topics).  Here is an automated update on recent postings to
Tomcat-related FAQs.  Please direct flames and feedback to .

 - Alex

++ JavaServer Pages (JSP) FAQ:

Does anyone know the pro's or con's between developing a site for 2k users in either JSP or
ColdFusion?  What is faster development done in?  How well does JSP scale when compared to

Are Page scoped variables available across multiple requests to the same page?
If this is not the case, what is the difference between request scope and page scope for JSP?
Also, is this data available even when something like a query string is changed?</p>

How can I retrieve an expired session?

<p>I have a JSP that uses frames inside frames. How can say to the browser to open the
Error Page in the main frame (the topmost frame)?</p>

Is it possible to call a custom tag from another custom tag?
If so how?

I have downloaded the Tomcat 3.3a. After I start up the server.. it puts out this strange
message: embeded Tomcat: exception initializing ContextManager. What do I have to do to start
my Server without any error messages?

We have multiple RquestDspacter.forward() in a single JSP file. This JSP runs OK with JRun
3.0 but gives Error 500 (response has already been commited) with Web Sphere 3.4. Is there
any restriction in WebSphere that we can have only 1 RequestDispatcher.forward() call in a
single JSP?

Does Buffer size affects the performance in any way?
I am using buffer size as 100kb.will it in anyway affect the performance?
If yes what is the optimum size that can be used?
If no why?

Is it possible to press a button in one frame and caused a form in another frame to be submitted?

<p>I have a scrollable jsp in one frame and another frame with just buttons. 
I want to be able to press a button and sumbit a form from the jsp page. Thanks for any replies.

I am aware of the technical differences between response.sendRedirect() and &lt;jsp:forward...&gt;
i.e. that the first one sends an instruction to the browser to request the specified page,
and the second simply sends the specified page.<p>However, can anyone tell me why one
should be used instead of the other?

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;How to pass parameters to a bean constructor. I can create a
bean constructor with parameters. but bow do I pass values to the bean from a JSP page on
creation..Is there any way to do this..
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Also, is there any way to access bean properties which are set
using jsp:setProperty, from another bean. I am able to access properties which are initialized
in the bean itself.

How can I find out the name of the machine on which the JSP is executing?

<p>I'm kind of new to JSP, and am working on putting together a framework wherein I
include common elements of a page (title bar, menu, etc.) in a single WAR file and then attach
those elements to my content pages that belong to another WAR file.</p>

<p>The problem I'm running into is that my include statements in my content pages don't
work when I try to include items from the different WAR.  I can bring the included pages up,
but can't get a JSP to include them.</p>


<p>In shared.war, I have the file /htmlcommon/header.jsp.  In search.war, I have the
document /search.jsp</p>

<p>In search.jsp, I have the following include statement:</p>

<code>&lt;jsp:include page="/shared/htmlcommon/header.jsp"/&gt;</code>

<p>However, when I load the page, the header doesn't come in and I get an error 404
- not found.</p>

<p>I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.  Thanks much</p>

<p>Michael Lundin<br/></p>

Using Jigsaw, W3C's Server, I have to find out how many sessions are there at a given time.
Any help will be greatly appreciated

In my jsp page I have 2 combo boxes--data of 2nd comboBox is dependent on the 1st. The data
for both is previously obtained from a database.

++ Servlets FAQ:

Why is my servlet called twice from a JavaScript button?

How do I run a servlet from command-line mode?

Does Jserv support the following methods from Servlet spec 2.2?
javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest: method getSession
javax.servlet.http.HttpSession: method setAttribute
javax.servlet.ServletContext: method getRequestDispatcher


Can we use the constructor, instead of init(), to initialize servlet?

I have been trying to find a way not only to get the user certificate info - i.e. Authentication
via DigitalID, but also to have a digest of the request, signed by the client (Web Browser
Only - not the Applet/Application case) or something like that, so I can proove to a 3rd party
that the user with the specific certificate has issued the specific request. Is it at all

I put my JAR file inside WEB-INF/lib, but my classes are not getting found.  However, when
i unzipped classes into WEB-INF/classes/, it works. What's up?

How do i get the name of the file from a file upload form?

Request parameter
How to find whether a parameter exists in the request object?

In order to run Struts, do I need to install a servlet container such as Tomcat?

When I describe the servlet mapping in the web.xml file the url-pattern "/*" means "match
all requests".
Can I specify the url-pattern like "match all except *.jsp" ?

++ Tomcat FAQ:

How to setup Tomcat 4.0.x on Windows 2000 with IIS as an NT Service?

I put my JAR file inside WEB-INF/lib, but my classes are not getting found.  However, when
i unzipped classes into WEB-INF/classes/, it works. What's up?

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