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From Christopher K.St.John <>
Subject Etiquette, MinimalTomcat, Bug 6670
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 16:26:02 GMT

 I'm stuck, and not sure how to proceed. MinimalTomcat really
needs AuthenticatorBase to be core-clean.

 It may be that this is an unrealistic requirement, and it's
impossible to make any use of o.a.c.Authenticator package
outside of o.a.c.core.*. That would be a shame, but, as they
say, you can't fight city hall.

 But my reading of Craig McClanahan's posting on the subject
was that I should, in theory, be able to make use of the
Authenticator classes. There may be practical difficulties
(like the one reported in Bug 6670), but those difficulties
are flaws that are a legitimate target for fixes.

 Here are my etiquette questions: (1) What's the deal with
"request for enhancement"? I read this as "blackhole", but
I'm honestly not sure. (2) Can I change this back to being
a bug? Or is that an abuse of bugzilla? (3) Is bringing
up the topic in email after email until I get a response
considered (a) legitimate lobbying for an important issue 
that affects a minority of developers and is thus overlooked,
or (b) spamming.

Christopher St. John

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