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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.1-dev web application management current design &proposal for improvements
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 02:42:00 GMT
> Thanks for the comments Craig.
> Before I continue further it might help if I put my proposal in context
> by showing how customers are being virtual hosted.
> The goal is to have each customer in their own sandbox so that nothing
> the customer does can compromise the security of the server, nor
> another customer's security.  In addition, we need to empower the
> as much as possible so that they can administer their web site and
> without system administrators having to babysit the server or its


A Tomcat which would be preconfigured for web-hosting company is vastly
different from the needs of the other Tomcat users. Why insist to have all
Tomcat users "benefit" from your security minded configuration choices ?

While I reckon that the changes you propose to the deployer make sense in
your use case, they add complexity for the normal users, which should be put
by default with a Tomcat which would have auto everything.

Instead of trying to have HostConfig do everything (and having to fight for
each particular feature), I will advocate writing *alternate* HostConfig
classes (at runtime, you can use the 'hostConfigClass' parameter of the
'Host' element to specify which config class should be used) which would
have a more specilized behavior depending on which user category they
target. I'd be happy if you contributed that, but I don't want to force feed
users with webhosting oriented features (this also includes the security
manager). There should be no doubt here that I definitely trust you to add
modules which would make TC webhosting ready :)
(Of course, it may be useful to also cleanup a bit the default HostConfig


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