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From "John Gregg" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] change JDBCRealm to add flexibility in table layout
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 19:10:56 GMT
Hi Ignacio,

I don't see how views will solve this problem.  I'm not so much concerned
with reading user and role data as I am with updating it.  Somehow the two
tables need to be linked by some common identifier.  The current JDBRealm
assumes that identifier is the username.  My concern with this is that if a
user decides to change his username from iganciojortega to ignacio_j_ortega,
I'd also have to change the corresponding records in the roles table and any
other table that uses username as a foreign key.  This is needlessly
error-prone.  It requires the developer to track and code for every single
such dependency.  Instead, I prefer to make the keys be some value that a
user will never even know about.  So, for example, I would add an 'id'
column to each table that serves as the primary key.  The roles table would
have a foreign key that would contain the value of the id column in the
users table.  That id would never change, no matter what else changed in the
users table.

My changes are backwards-compatible.  Even if you choose not to design your
tables the way I do, you can still leave your data alone and set the
userPrimaryKeyCol and userForeignKeyCol to have the same value as
userNameCol.  In that case, everything will work as it did before.


john gregg

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g]On Behalf Of Ignacio J. Ortega
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Subject: RE: [PATCH] change JDBCRealm to add flexibility in table layout

Why do not use simply a views, instead of real tables..??

This way you doesnt need to do any changes in JDBCRealm to be able to
use whatever column you like to join roles and users tables.. ( that
seems what you are looking for , arent you?)

If more is needed please explain why.. perhaps i dont understand fully
what you need ..

And sure, the view method will not work with mysql ( doesnt have views
afaik ).., but will for postgress AFAIK..

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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