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From <>
Subject RE: Jk2 config
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 15:28:49 GMT
On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, GOMEZ Henri wrote:

> JkSet LogFile		"/var/log/httpd/mod_jk.log"

I would use logFile, logLevel - current options in start will small caps, and this 
can go in either and httpd.conf.

> The forward options : ?
> JkSet Forward SSLKeySize 
> JkSet Forward URICompat
> JkSet Forward URICompatUnparsed
> JkSet Forward URIEscaped

JkSet forward.SSLKeySize true

JkSet uriCompat true
JkSet uriCompatUnparsed true

Or even better:
JkSet sslKeySizeForward true
JkSet uriForward compat/compatUnparsed/escaped

> >JkMount is not doing anything special - it's the same 
> >efect as the properties file we use on IIS. Except that
> >properties are easier to generate and will be consistent
> >for all servers ( no longer need to generate 3 different 
> >styles ). 
> -1, I'd like to keep the JkMount as it's absolutly mandatory
> for fine tuning (ie all examples servlet/jsp handled by TC) but
> static by Apache. It could be renamed to JkURIMount for example.

JkMount is replaced by: 

or ( apache style )

<Location /examples >
  JkWebapp worker ajp13

<Location /examples/*.jsl>
  JkHandler jakarta/jk2-servlet

JkSet /examples/*.jsp ajp13

We can add a 
JkUriSet /examples/*.jsp ajp13

> >3. JkServlet NAME VALUE
> >Set properties per/servlet. I'm not yet finished with
> >this one, we may not need it.
> What's the planned use for this one ?

Set properties per/uri - fine tunning, including 
setting the servlet name - the URI is mapped once
by apache, there's no need for a second mapping 
in tomcat.

What about:

JkUriSet /uri name value

to replace both JkWebapp and JkServlet ?
Both are used to set properties associated with a uri -
the worker name for the webapp, fine tunning for uris.

> What about :
> Jk(2)EnvVar ?
> Jk(2)MountCopy ?

JkSet mountCopy true 


We could also use it in a <Location> context later

JkUriSet env.NAME VALUE 

In this particular case it may be worth adding a 
"JkEnv" directive, but it _must_ have an equivalent in and that means a JkSet equivalent too.


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