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From <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 3.3 - Cactus Issue
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2002 17:05:32 GMT
On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Vincent Massol wrote:

> The particularity of testPostMethod is that it sends information both in
> the URL (as parameters) and in the request BODY in POST form.
> Thus, there is some POST data sent !

Ok, then what really matters is who reads the body and how.

Sorry for not beeing able to spend more time on this, I wanted to
finish the password for ajp13 ( I think it's pretty important to
at least have the code in ).

Larry - since you spent a lot of time on this, did you checked
the values for getContentLenght() and request.available - that
would be an easy indication of how much has been read from
the body.

Vincent - could you add a println or debug message in the method
that is doing the POST - with the exact size of the body.
Do you set Content-Length header ? Are you using URLConnection
to send the body, or a custom http client.

I still have a feeling something is wrong with the request
body. All the references I found about this exception are related
with unread data on the receiving socket - and the fact that
it happens only sometimes and on some OSes indicates pretty
clearly that somehow some data is still 'on the wire' when
we close the socket ( and gets in after available() ).

If the ContentLength and the read size of the body you send
do match - then checking getContentLength() and available
would clearly show if the servlet is indeed reading the full
body ( and we would know that the sender is not sending more ).

Would it be possible to have a difference between the 2 ?
Like having ContentLength set to a string size, and
some non-ascii chars in the string ?


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