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From Jarecsni János <>
Subject altering the session cookie's path (Tomcat 4.0x)
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2002 19:03:21 GMT

I wanted to alter Tomcat's default behavior for setting the JSESSIONID
cookie. Tomcat normally sets the path of this cookie to be equivalent of the
webcontext if any, otherwise it sets it to "/".

Since I'll need to proxy request with Apache (with altering the URL's first
part containing the web context) this kind of session cookie won't work. BTW
I'll use each application with a different virtual host, so no conflict may
arise from using the same path for all session cookies coming from my

So I've downloaded the source distribution of Tomcat 4.0-dev (it was a
nightly build of 15th of february). I changed the code and successfully
created a binary distribution of Catalina with "ant dist" and "ant

I've run the application but was shocked to see that Catalina still sets the
path to the webcontext... I've checked the source code and found only this
class where the session cookie is manipulated:
o.a.c.connector.HttpResponseBase (lines 642 sqq).

Now I'm a bit puzzled about this... Does some of you see where I made a



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